A Smart Choice

Formica delivers the look you’re after on any budget – simple to use and easy to maintain, our range of laminate surfaces features a great mix and match collection of colours for a range of applications. Its hygienic and long wearing properties make the range a favourite for home, commercial, educational and healthcare projects.

The Formica Range

Formica can transform a space in an instant. The range encompasses a tailored collection of solid colours, patterns and woodgrains to suit a limited budget while still achieving a high quality, stylish finish.  From panels, writable walls to melamine doors and versatile durable flooring, the Formica range can help bring style and convenience to any project. 

Be Creative

Create your ideal look with Formica’s new range of laminate surfaces. Strong, resilient and convenient, Formica laminate is the practical solution for delivering reliable results.  Choose from a range that includes everything you need – from stylish benchtops and cabinetry through to wardrobe and cabinetry interior panels. Our range of solid colours, patterns and woodgrains can create a look that suits your space – no matter what your budget.

The Formica Project Guide

Whether you’re building or renovating, the Formica Project Guide makes choosing the right layouts and colour schemes easy. Simply choose your preferred kitchen or wardrobe layout, and we’ll show you some colour schemes that will help make the selection process quick, seamless and stress-free.

Quick Guide to Formica finishes


A highly durable, multi-purpose low sheen finish, Velvet is used as a finish for Benchtops, however it can also be used as a bonded panel for vertical applications.

AR Plus

A high gloss finish for moderate use applications that requires a little bit more care and maintenance. Primarily used as a Benchtop laminate, it can also be used as a bonded panel for vertical applications.


Velvet is a hard-wearing, soft to touch multi-purpose cabinetry finish. Used primarily in Cabinetry Doors and Panels, Cabinetry Interiors and Wardrobe Interiors, Velvet is available as either Decorated Particleboard and Decorated MDF


A smooth, lightly stippled, hard-wearing finish, Pearl can be used in Cabinetry Doors and Panels, Cabinetry Interiors and Wardrobe Interiors. It is available in Decorated Particleboard and Decorated MDF.


Grain (New Finish)

Our newest Formica finish, Grain is a hard-wearing, tactile, matte woodgrain texture. Beautifully finished and feeling like a woodgrain to the touch, Grain is used in Cabinetry Doors and Panels and Wardrobe Interiors and is available as Decorated Particleboard or Decorated MDF in select colours.


An easy-care, semi-gloss finish, Gloss is recommended for use in Cabinetry Doors and Panels for a beautiful semi-gloss look. Available in Decorated MDF in select colours.

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